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About Arcturus Technology

Fast, Innovative and Reliable….

Arcturus Technology is an IT company that formed in Bangladesh to redefine the role of IT. Our expertise is delivering the IT solutions in user friendly ways while ensuring the optimum business gains. We are driven by our motto “Fast, Innovative & Reliable” — the solutions, supports, and services we provide are simple, fast, innovative and reliable. The company is master minded by some people who have global repute for their entrepreneur skills, creative and out-of-the-box thinking. The experienced and dedicated team of Arcturus is ready to render the support you need to climb high. We want to be your partner, through our innovative and creative IT solutions, in making your desires come true.



CEO & Founder of BAE and Managing Director of Denim Expert Ltd.

Mr. Md. Mohiuddin Rubel

Managing Director, Bangladesh Apparel Exchange AND Director, Denim Expert Ltd



Why Choose Arcturus Technology

We together creationist of ideas and solutions

Best Web Design & Development

We have professional, dedicated experts of web design & development to fulfilling our motto and reach the goal of what clients’ require to be established.

User Friendly Apps Development

Our talented app developers’ use your awesome ideas for the best of their expertise to create friendly apps you need in platform like android, IOS, Windows.

Domain & Hosting

We provide here Unlimited Space for your valuable Website, Domain & great Hosting in fair rate to ensure ethical position of your website and make secure.

Customizable Template Design

Our designed templates and newly making of them by using your ideas are handcrafted with attention to ensure quality result. We also customize your preferred one.

Dedicated SEO Company

Our SEO services widely available with different strategies on the web locally and globally to meet clients’ demands & have professional SEO team having successful experiences.

Services & Prompt User Support

We are aimed to fulfilling our precious clients’ demand, a best IT service provider and we do prompt cooperation afterwards. We give support to user anytime.

Best E-commerce Solution

We analyze and create solution for you to make a sophisticated platform for increasing sales, streamlining your business, expanding to new channels to reach your goal.

Digital Marketing For Large Business

Here with us Digital marketing is more affordable and we serve the best solutions to success marketing in social Medias, E-mail marketing and so on.

Server, Security & Maintenance

We install server including windows, Mail/Exchange, VPN and configure, maintain them and also make sure best support on immediate basis. We make sure the security.

Excellent Support

Strong base is mandatory for he who wants to give support others and that is we have for our precious customers to give them support in every case we deal with it.

Awesome Team

Our friendly, experienced and helpful team are individually expertise here to build your applications with innovative ideas and also make sure best related service for all-time you need.

Faster Performance

Individual experts are here for every sector and they has high profile with excellent performance. They are all dedicated in their field and has several years’ experience.