Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC)

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) is the prime mover organization in Bangladesh to support industrialization process through creation of an entrepreneurial society. BSCIC was established by an Act of the Parliament in 1957. Vision of this corporation is to accelerate the industrial growth through promotion and extension of Medium, small and cottage industries. Its development activities are motioned, catalyzed and supported by promotion and extension services to the Medium, small and cottage industries . Medium, small and cottage industries(SCI’s) contribution to GDP (2015-2016) is  about 17.19 (Medium Industry) and 3.58 (Small & Cottage Industry) percent respectively which is 20.77 percent of the industries (manufacturing) sector’s contribution. For human resource development, it has a number of institutes like Small and Cottage Industries Training Institute (SCITI), 15 Skill Development Centers (SDC). one Design Center and a well equipped Computer Lab  in the Head Office. These institutes are the centers of excellence and work for capacity building through training and consultancy services. BSCIC maintains lean staff with interdisciplinary expertise that has pioneered innovative solutions to entrepreneurship development and enterprise creation. They are growing with experiential learning and demonstrate how an entrepreneurial society can fight against poverty. Besides, as govt. organization, BSCIC always committed to put its effort for implementing govt. decisions and agenda for the interest of the country through its capacity under the guidance of Ministry of Industries. Accordingly, BSCIC has been contributing its efforts to implement the govt. initiatives regarding Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh by enhancing its capacity building through ICT arrangement. BSCIC developed ICT based infrastructure and services to deliver services quickly to the entrepreneurs for the interest of SCI sector.